About RankUp
Rank up Education is popularly known for its IIT JEE Coaching for JEE Main & Advanced. We are pioneers in providing the finest coaching for Board exams too. We at Rank Up have a fleet of qualified faculty who carry years of experience in various teaching fields. Their in-depth knowledge about their respective subjects and elevated teaching techniques have helped several IIT aspirants achieve their goals.
Empower our students to fulfil their academic and professional passions and achieve their dreams. We have designed our curriculum with the sole aim of imparting high-quality education to students in every corner of the country. Provide knowledge through a broad array of scholarly, research and creative endeavours to lay a foundation for dealing with the immediate and long-range needs of society.

Make the aspirants strong enough to face the competition. Educate every single child irrespective of whether they belong to rural, suburban or urban areas at extremely effective costs. Helping them to take a step forward towards their dreams and serve society.

Why Choose Us?

Personal mentoring

Personal Mentor who would be your buddy in monitoring your progress every week.

Designed Syllabus

Our structured course package includes features to ensure success in your exams like Detailed Study Material, Classroom Learning, etc.

Multiple options to learn

Course will be available to watch multiple times also the Test Series can be attempted multiple times.

Our Courses



₹3,600 ₹2000


NEET 2022

₹1600 ₹1400



₹ 3500 ₹ 2000